I’m starting DEATHCAT MEDIA, LLC to publish both my own books, and those of other authors whose work I like and wish to promote. As an author, I’ve had 15 books published so far by a number of mainstream publishers in New York, London, and elsewhere, (see `MY BOOKS’). Mainly, I want to write and publish whatever I want without having to constantly worry about some overly sensitive editor whom I’ve never actually met, deciding `this is what he really meant to say’. Given the unfortunate demise of bookstores, and the rise of technology, specifically the internet, it’s it’s truly an exciting time for new writers and publishers alike. Never have the opportunities been greater for both books and authors which may be a bit out of the mainstream in terms of regional appeal and/or subject matter. Books may be now targeted to specific markets without the expense of trying to promote a particular book nationally, when marketing efforts should actually be focused instead on regional sales.¬†

The terms `independent’ and `self’ publishing are usually spoken with derision by literary snobs, but it should be remembered that many so-called mainstream publishers were once regarded as `independents.’ Advances in technology such as `print on demand’ now make it possible for anyone to keep a book in print forever without having to worry about how many books must be printed at one time and stored somewhere until they are sold (or not), and so-called independents now have the same access to the internet and other non traditional outlets as large publishers.

As an author, and now as a publisher, I feel that authors should be paid for their work. A publisher shouldn’t make ten times more money than the author who wrote the book to begin with. Happily, indeed, joyfully, the ever increasing irrelevance of giant publishing conglomerates gives an author, for the first time in literary history, the opportunity to control his own destiny.

The purpose of Deathcat Media is to publish books that are interesting, informative, entertaining, sometimes edgy, and above all fun. I hope you enjoy our work and that you will buy our books. Thank you for your consideration.

Kindest regards, Scott Faragher